Keen Cryo

Keen Compressed Gas Co is the selected Bio vendor for Delaware Bio and Life Sciences Pennsylvania. Keen Cryo is our cryogenic division focusing specifically on the needs of the Bio community. Keen Cryo specializes in:

  • Complete liquid nitrogen, oxygen, argon, carbon dioxide and helium systems from the design and engineering phase to the delivery and installation of liquid containers from 160-liter to 2,000-liters
  • Design and installation of bulk tank systems for large volume applications
  • Vacuum jacketed piping systems
  • Manifold systems
  • Ultra high purity gases in high pressure cylinders for laboratory use
  • Regulators for all applications
  • Gas mixing systems
  • System design and installation for all of the above by our experienced and trained staff
  • All systems are managed by our distribution department; liquid installations include automatic delivery monitored by a state of the art telemetry system.